Results within weeks (NOT months)

→ Selling a commodity to a saturated market
→ Failing to differentiate yourself
→ Lack of consistent sales growth
→ Misinterpreting what your prospect wants vs. what they need
→ Failing to meet real problems that are in-demand
→ Not knowing how to put your metrics and data in context that leads you to the next step

Customer Research Agency focused on finding the shortcuts within a market to enable true growth hacking

By Working with us you will

Your Marketing

The efficiency of your messaging

Your Go-To-Market

Meet our Founder
Yasen Stamatov

"I've been in the startup world for the past 10 years. I went through being a business analyst to launching my own marketplace for the local market. 

Then, I worked with Startups and SaaS companies on a consultative basis with a focus on marketing, helping them move through the market based on data.

I kept seeing the same problem over and over again- startups investing in campaigns that drained their money. All because they couldn't connect the campaigns to their market. And the market kept rejecting them.

That's what STAM Research was born from. The need to keep Startups intimate with their market, so they could finally be accepted"

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So, if you are a business that wants to move fast and appreciates a good laugh, use the calendar below to book a strategy call.