STAM Research is a supply-side full-service customer research agency that works with businesses that rely on their online sales channels

→ Selling a commodity to a saturated market
→ Failing to differentiate yourself
→ Lack of consistent sales growth
→ Misinterpreting what your prospect wants vs. what they need
→ Failing to meet real problems that are in-demand
→ Not knowing how to put your metrics and data in context that leads you to the next step

And we've already served more than 50 happy clients!

Our philosophy is that the core of every business worth your penny are the people it serves.

Working with us is about being transparent in our approach and frequent in our communication.

Nobody likes to be kept in the dark!

Meet our CEO : Yasen Stamatov

He once had a job at a Fintech startup as a Business Analyst but couldn’t go on with his corporate life. In response, Yasen gave it all up and launched his first MVP: a platform for locals to rate their real estate agents.

The platform garnered some success despite investing $0 on ads. That’s how he discovered his unique talent - a natural at researching and figuring out what people want.

After that discovery, his freelance career kick-started and later became a budding entrepreneurship ride.

Today, Yasen works with fellow entrepreneurial spirits to get clear on their target market and spearhead their strategy.

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So, if you are a business that believes marketing should revolve around the people, we'll be delighted to speak with you!

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