How we get 10-20 meetings per month using cold email outreach?

Case Study

It all starts with the right targeting. We need to be absolutely certain the audience we target is the type of audience that buys what we sell. In this case, we were selling our market research services.


Finding the right Ideal Customer

The right ideal customer is the one who already buys what we sell. You know how companies like to boast who they’ve worked with? Well, we just went on our competitors’ websites and observed. We found 4 possible ICPs:

1)     Branding Agencies

2)     Consultancies

3)     NGOs

4)     Retailers


Since we were simply curious to partner with a branding agency, we decided to go for it.


Creating a list

We wanted to speak to branding agency founders. So, we found a list of branding companies that are based in North America, and then found the contact details of their founders. We then verified the emails to make surethey were good to send to. After that part was done, we moved on to messaging.



Now that we had a target market in mind, we needed to come up with messages that would resonate. But in order to do that, we needed to inform ourselves on what this market thinks about. We wanted to join theiralready existing dialogue in their head.

The idea was to understand what their work process is and how our market research services fit into that process.

So, after observing relevant forums, Quora, Reddit, YouTube, and so on, we created a 5-step email sequence.



The first 2 weeks we heard crickets. Literally nothing. After that period, people started booking appointments with us.

Here’s what this campaign looked like.


We get a nice open rate of 70%+. The click rate is at 0%because we’ve turned off the tracking for that. A 5% reply rate is quite good for cold email.

In this campaign, we estimated we were getting 1 call booked per 129 emails sent. At that point, we only needed to increase volume as we had found a working system. If we wanted to get calls, we knew we had to contact about 1,300 people. We want 20 calls? Well, you can probably do the math.


Below, you will find results from different campaigns. All of these booked calls.

Currently, we are still using that system to book calls for us and for clients. So, if you are looking to fill your calendar with appointments, then let’s talk.

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